Monday, February 5, 2007

White Rapper Show - the Video Shoot and Snitching

I prefer the emphasis on writing over style, but tonight was an interesting episode.

Sullee broke my heart. He thought he was doing the right thing. Serch was right, though, and he was wrong for withdrawing. The snitching thing is tough. Again, Serch was right. It's not snitching when you offer critiques or battle rhymes!

Of anyone on the show, I can easily see Sullee making records and performing. He has that elusive "it." Charisma, definable personailty, and skill. He has that Lyricist Lounge thing, which will never be a double or triple platinum seller, but he could have a career - buy a house, put his kids through college, etc.

The most marketable might be Shamrock. He seems real about the Southern rap thing, rather than a caricature. His instincts draw him to create club songs. Club songs sell huge - singles, ringtones, etc. If he can buy a hot track with a top producer, he could have a legitimate hit.

About the losing video, what a piece of garbage. They did every single thing wrong. First the song was terrible. Second, the video was like a parody of Uncut videos. Without the parody. Heck, Uncut vidoes are a heck of a lot more fun that that. (if you've never watched BET's Uncut in the middle of the night after coming home from a club, well, it's incredibly amusing. The production value of the videos is maybe 25% higher than the ones on tonight's episode.

A said it was as if our neighbors got drunk with a video camera and some hookers. That feels about right.

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