Sunday, February 4, 2007

Paying Cover

I happily pay cover to see bands for the same reason I buy their cds. It's a demonstration of support. Sometimes I pay cover even when I am on the list.

I will absolutely not pay:

if I am bringing "People" to your show
if I see every single show you play in Austin
if I am going to see your friend's band play at your request (i.e., when I am the "People")

In those cases, I expect you to put me on the list, without my request to be on it.

This is how the exchange should happen:
me: "hey, i am really looking forward to your show at Stubb's"
you: "great! i'll put you on the list. how many?"

A note to my friends:

When I shoot you an email saying that Band X is playing and the cover is $5/10/15, that means you're not on the list. Don't ask.

I think we often forget that the bands we see do this for their job and paying cover demonstrates that we support what they are doing. If everyone is comped, why would the venue rebook them?

One more note to my friends:

If you are on the list or, more likely, I paid your cover whether you know it or not, I expect you to order lots and lots of expensive drinks so the venue will rebook them.

One final note to my friends:

Next Saturday's show is a showcase, so you're paying your own damn cover. Support live music. Damn.

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