Wednesday, February 21, 2007

dead prez - March 1st at Emo's

I sent an email out to my friends today letting them know that dead prez, one of my favorite rap groups, would be playing in Austin next Thursday.

Surprisingly, I received this response from C, who typically shares my love of hip hop (and soul, funk, and jazz): "who's that?"

C, you disappoint me.

dead prez is only the most awesome hip hop group of the past 7 years.

Okay, maybe that's an overstatement, but not by much.

According to A, "they're black, they're angry, they're socially conscious."

Here, I wrote that:

dead prez is far from mainstream. Any music this angry and militant can never be mainstream. The group has gone to great lengths to maintain their separation from the cd-buying, iTunes downloading, LimeWire stealing white audiences that embrace most of hip hop. My favorite song is still Hip Hop and it's one of the only two ringtones I have ever had on my phone. (The other: Miles Davis, So What.)
We own two of their albums. I only realized we missed one when I checked their wikipedia.

You can buy Hip Hop on iTunes and their albums on Amazon.

Stream it here:

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dreatx said...

Well, I will say this:

When I hear Dead Prez, I want to break things.