Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Week That Was

This week, I spent more time talking about music than listening to music.

I was without my new MBP for a couple of days, and then had to rebuild some of my iTunes library again (because I am an idiot who only backed up the failing hard drive as it failed), but I think I only lost a hundred songs and nothing that's jumping out at me. I lost all of my playcounts, ratings, and date addeds, which is far more annoying than you'd think. ipodrip helped me retrieve most of that data from my ipod, but it's still missing for about a thousand songs.

Things feel like they are on an upswing.

A and I had a really nice Valentine's, despite having been sick all week.

My song of the week has been the acoustic demo I've been listening to for a couple of months. It's a top 20 favorite song. I heard the live performance recently, and I am excited to hear the final recorded version in a month or so. JE gave me their new limited edition disc last Saturday, so I have it in lossless, which is higher quality than the mp3 S emailed me in December.

This weekend, my plans are to chill, wander aimlessly through the park listening to music, and watch a lot of hoops.

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