Saturday, February 3, 2007

Tumult and Turmoil Playlist

As my friend's heart has been batted around by his SO/ex-SO for the past couple of weeks since she decided she didn't want to date him anymore, then changed her mind, then changed it back, ad infinitum ad nauseam, I have been struggling with ways to help him.

We've taken long walks in the rain, spent hours on the phone and on im, and he hung out out our place every evening for a week.

Because I am a music geek, I thought I'd put together a playlist for him. It's better than I mixtape, since he has one of our old iPods we update for him from time to time. Loading a new playlist is pretty automatic, but the question of what to include . . . well, that took some thinking.

I don't think I got it completely right, but I gave it a valiant effort.

Here are a few sample songs:

Steve Wedemeyer, I'm So Low.

This has been a favorite song for years, but the album is filled with gems.

Buy Steve's album Disclose here.

The Rifles, Inbetween Days (The Cure cover).

I love The Rifles and this is a great cover of a great song.

Buy The Rifles here.

Jamie Cullum, Lover, You Should Have Come Over (Jeff Buckley cover).

The pathos is palpable.

Buy Jamie Cullum here.

Fool of Me, Me'shell Ndegéocello.

This is an all-time favorite song. It's terribly sad.

Buy the album here.

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