Friday, February 16, 2007

Hip Hop Goodness from Oh Word

Hip Hop blog Oh Word has been posting mp3s zip style all week in their "50 Incredible Rap Songs You Need To Hear . . . Right Now" series.

Today, they posted a complete 50 song zip, with a 20 song bonus.

Check out Oh Word and enjoy the tasty goodness.

Hearing a well-curated mix is the best way to find new music.

I still treasure the mix cd my friend DC sent me a few years ago hipping me to all the great NY stuff from the mid 90s that he felt had escaped my attention. He was right.

A last year made a mix cd for friends at Home Slice entitled A's History of Hip Hop, which started with "The Message" and took the listener on a sonic journey through time and place (east coast, west coast, dirty dirty, Texas, etc.).

Here are a few gems from A's mix:

Mp3: DJ DMD f. Lil' Keke & Fat Pat, 25 Lighters.
Buy it here on iTunes.

Mp3: Goodie Mob f. OutKast, Cell Therapy.
Buy it here on iTunes.

Mp3: The Pharcyde, Passin' Me By.
Buy it here on iTunes.

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