Friday, February 2, 2007

Gym Class Heroes - Your New Favorite Hip Hop Group

I get turned on to a lot of music by my friend Sal Silva at (My only gift back to him was Beirut, but that's a fine gift.)

Some of it I will tell you about here; some of it I am going to keep close to my vest for now.

Sal and his business partner Erik run, which is a distributor of independent music (through cds and iTunes) and merchandise. They run a great business and they have great taste in music.

Sal had suggested I check out some samples of a new Austin band in which he was interested. As usual, it's a great freaking band no one is talking about. Yet.

Then I just started trolling around the site and I found Gym Class Heroes. Wow, what a great group.

I like all of their songs, which I have been listening to for the past few weeks. Apparently, I am not alone since they are currently the top download on cdfuse.

Get it. Now.

Link: Gym Class Heroes

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