Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Idol - The Butchering of Brian McKnight

I love watching AI with A.

He's angry, he actually knows about singing, and he hates rock and modern r&b.

He was also friends with Brian McKnight when they were in college (and Brian was recording his first album).

So, every year, some kid takes on a really crappy Brian McKnight song. And it just destroys the kid.

What people always misunderstand about Brian McKnight is that he's an actual musician. His arrangements are tricky and his voice is excellent.

A great example is Is The Feeling Gone, with his brother Claude and the rest of Take 6 singing background. It's one of our favorite songs.

You can hear it streaming below and buy the album Brian McKnight on iTunes and on Amazon.


dreatx said...

The girls were better. I am almost willing to bet large dough that a woman will win. And I know I am going to be mad later because the only correct choice, in terms of a winner, is the backup singer woman. She burned.

J said...

I know you only said that because you hadn't heard LiKisha sing yet.

You just compared her to one of the best singers you've ever heard -- Brian's ex-wife.