Sunday, February 11, 2007

These Musings

I started writing this in December as a way to keep track of the music to which I was listening.

I had a lemony MBP with hard drive and logic board problems that forced me to rebuild my collection a couple of times over a couple of months, so I was much more engaged in my collection. I had a full back up from 3 months before, and then I was able to do rebuild the remaining collection pretty easily because I was emailing my favorite songs to my mother, to A, and to S. Different songs, of course, because they have very different tastes. From among the three, I was able to reconstruct all the new stuff from my gmail.

Even with gmail, emailing one or two songs could be laborious depending on the file size, so I figured that if I posted it here, they could all get them without too much trouble.

My whole purpose in writing, was to tell my mom, A, and S, what I am listening to and what they should be listening to. Because he is my boyfriend, A rarely reads this. S knows I write but I've never volunteered the address. My mother checks it out every week or so. For them, I still send emails with new music I think they'll like. A gets the jazz/soul/funk. S gets the indie and britpop. Mom gets the the funk/soul/r&b.

I have kept the site on the dl. I haven't told any of my clients or business associates what it is. A couple of them know I write, but they don't know where or about what. I also don't write about them, generally.

All of this is to say I am amazed that people read it. Some of my friends mention ever so casually that they first heard a song "on musette."

Thanks so much for checking it out.

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