Sunday, February 4, 2007

HAWK - It's a Small World After All

HAWK was murdered in Houston last May.

That is still a terribly hard sentence to type.

HAWK was a giant in Houston. An original member of the Screwed Up Click, he was largely responsible for ensuring the continuation of the group after DJ Screw's death in 2000.

HAWK's murder devastated his friends and peers completely. When it happened, our friends went on the radio to try to cope with their grief and devastation, and frankly, they have not yet fully recovered.

Months later, I was with some Houston rappers watching music dvds. Between the videos, dogfights, and bumfights, etc., each artist, no matter who they were with, took time to express disbelief and grief.

Thanks to a google alert, I noticed that Polish blog strasznachoroba posted Cold in the Game today. (Originally posted on HoustonSoReal.)

So, they listen to HAWK in Poland?

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strasznachoroba said...

apparently they do. at least i do. a lot if i run the chance.