Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Insomnia and Annuals

It's 4 am and we're all awake.

The re-air of the Pistons-Cavs game is on mute, A is reading a novel, and the cat cannot figure out why all the lights are still on.

Thanks to Complete or Completing by Annuals, which is currently on repeat, I think sleep will be far, far away.

It's a great song (a new favorite), and it's musically interesting. This is not a standard indie pop song. Usually, a clever lyric or a nice voice can seduce me. Here, the instrumentation and arrangement fascinate me.

I need to be sure this appears on none of our myriad "night" playlists because the overall effect of the song makes my nerves tingle. Like I can't wait to keep unraveling its layers with listen after listen.

Obviously, I really need some sleep. Still, I love this song.

Annuals, Complete or Completing.

Buy the album on iTunes or Amazon.

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