Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shuffle Discovery - Voxtrot

Well, this is embarrassing:

I live in Austin.
I go to shows in Austin.
I talk about music with musicians and other industry people in Austin.

Still, I had to find out about Voxtrot, an Austin band, from the blogosphere!

(Hit replay on our regular rant about the true lack of a scene, "infrastructure," and anything that would enable us to have a vibrant music industry here. Moving on . . .)

Finding out about them, it still took a random shuffle in the middle of the night for me to listen to them. I awoke on a recent Sunday morning just so I could hit replay when I heard Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Wives.

Hear it streaming on Last.fm and buy the EP from iTunes or Amazon. It's an excellent EP and well worth buying.

Also, check out The Voxtrot Kid, for more Voxtrot goodness, straight from the source.

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