Friday, February 2, 2007

Mom at the Superbowl

Last year, I went to Pittsburgh for a couple of meetings before the Superbowl. It was so crowded and weird, and security was so awful, I could not wait to leave. After arriving from Toronto in the afternoon, I flew home on the first flight out of town at 5 am the next morning.

This year, my mother is in Miami with her sister E (my godmother). She also has no plans to attend the game. She and E are instead hitting a bunch of the vip parties, including tonight's beach party.

They are both beautiful, confident women, who are used to being the life of the party, so it's always a riot when they are together. (I have a clear memory of a lipsynching of Ain't No Mountain High Enough in the middle of their brother's wedding reception in Indiana ...)

Tonight, she called me to say "I am standing 5 feet from Reggie Bush. I need to get my picture with him." About 10 minutes later, she called to say, "I just spoke to LaDanian Tomlinson, and I asked him a question about his favorite play this year, and the whole room hushed as he spoke. He's such a nice man."

Then she called to say: "I just met Howie Long!"

Honestly, she was still a bit giddy.

I cannot wait to hear the full tales tomorrow.

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