Friday, February 16, 2007

Mike Jones Mike Jones Mike Jones Mike Jones

Paper Thin Walls Bullhorn posted this headline this morning:

VIDEO: "Mr. Jones" is the long-awaited return of Mike Jones. Our comments board hopefully is not the long-dreaded return of insufferable indie-rock douches making fun of how often he says his name.

Rarely does anything in my reader make me laugh, but I could not help but remember sitting in the studio when he was recording in 2002(?) and how no one could go 15 minutes without saying "Mike Jones Mike Jones Mike Jones Mike Jones."

His stuff was catchy, but I never thought it would catch on nationally the way it did. I was later shocked when I heard the song on the radio and he rapped his real phone number.

Mike Jones Mike Jones Mike Jones Mike Jones, indeed.

(I was going to post a link to "Welcome to Texas" but it's not in my rebuilt library.)

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