Saturday, February 17, 2007

Unsolicited Music

I have a lot of unopened cds or mp3s people have given me because their sister's friend's cousin is in this really great band.

There are only two reasons I listen to an unsolicited cd or mp3 -- an existing client or business associate asks for "an honest evaluation" and/or it's sent to me by someone whose taste I trust.

(An exception: friends who send me "hey, could you listen to this and tell me what you think because I told this kid I knew someone who could give him 'an honest evaluation'." If the expectation is that I will give him a favorable "honest evaluation," but there are no strings attached, that's cool. Well, not exactly cool, but I will do it. Even if you own and listen to Korn cds. Love you, B!)

There is no such thing as "an honest evaluation." My opinion differs depending on what you expect me to do with it.

If you really, really want me to work with an artist, don't give me a cd, email an mp3, or, the kiss of death, send me a myspace link. Bring me to a show, buy me liquor, and introduce me before they go on.

I have this crazy rule about only working with people I genuinely like. If I am going to spend countless hours with you or worrying about you or helping you live your dream, you better be someone I actually like as a human being.

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