Monday, February 26, 2007

Big Choices

This evening, I had a glass of wine or two with two friends I have had for more than 10 years.

We are in our 30s. We are all reasonably successful and connected. (Some are better compensated than others.) What we share in common is that we are all making choices about our careers. Big choices.

From the outside, you might never know the turmoil. And there is plenty of turmoil.

I have been pondering for a while which path to take. It all comes down to which life I want to live.

I love being in my 30s because I have wisdom I could have never conceived when I was in my 20s. These are my two truths:

1. No matter what, you cannot irrevocably fuck up your life. You can make big mistakes, but as long as you're breathing, you have a chance to make it better.

2. This is it. We have one life, so being happy is all that matters.

So, we're pondering our career changes, and who we want to be.

DMX, Who We Be.

Amos Lee, Supply and Demand.

Lauryn Hill, Lost Ones

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