Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Worst Cover Songs In Pop Music History"

Stereogum posted today about's list of worst covers ever:

20. "You Shook Me All Night Long" — Celine Dion and Anastasia
19. "Downtown Train" — Rod Stewart
18. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" — Guns N Roses
17. "Demolition Man" — Manfred Mann
16. "American Pie" — Madonna
15. "My Generation" — Hilary Duff
14. "It's My Life" — No Doubt
13. "Video Killed The Radio Star" — The Presidents of the United States of America
12. "Walk this Way" — Macy Gray
11. "Another Brick in the Wall" — Korn
10. "I'm A Believer" — Smash Mouth
09. "Satisfaction" — Britney Spears
08. "Sweet Child O Mine" — Sheryl Crow
07. "Big Yellow Taxi" — Counting Crows
06. "911 Is a Joke" — Duran Duran
05. "Anarchy in the UK" — Motley Crue
04. "Behind Blue Eyes" — Limp Bizkit
03. "Feel Like Making Love" — Kid Rock
02. "Dock of the Bay" — Michael Bolton
01. "And It Stoned Me" — Bob Dylan
They left out some of the worst ever:

Polyphonic Spree, Lithium (Nirvana cover).

It's actually nauseating. It's the only cover I've ever intentionally deleted from my collection. The first time I heard it, I had to play the Pixies over and over again to cleanse my palate.

Unholy Trio, Bring the Noise.

As I have written before, I hate cutesy covers of hip hop songs. This is awful. Nina Gordon barely misses this list for "Straight Out of Compton."

Elbow, Independent Women, Pt. 1 (Destiny's Child cover).

Crimes against music: Goofy instrumentation, laughing through the performance, and not taking it seriously. Yes, it's a dumb song, but you chose to cover it, and presenting it straight is a much more effective send-up.

I may add to this list later when I have had some time to think about it. Lou Reed's cover of This Magic Moment is close, since it sounds like a parody of his own singing style.

I am Fuel, You Are Friends has a great list up right now.

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