Wednesday, March 7, 2007

American Idol - The Girls - As Usual, Wow.

Jordin Sparks is adorable with a nice voice.

Sabrina Sloan gets a little lost as the 5th best black singer, which is unfortunate because she's really good. She sang a great En Vogue song and I really liked her performance.

Antonella was not nearly as horrible as usual, but I think it's because the background singers were so much louder than normal. Since Corinne Bailey Rae is not a great singer in her own right, she holds up well in comparison. Simon's not wrong.

Hayley Scarnato was pagenty and cruise-shippy. Yuck.

Ryan keeps setting up the performers with those manipulative questions "what are her chances of making the top 12?" you must take that personally?"

Stephanie singing Chaka Khan/Mary J Blige was a mistake. It exploited her lack of range (A: "it's not wide enough'"). Her high range is great, but it was a bad song choice. I like her, but she had pitch problems. She was behind the beat, and not intentionally.

Lakisha. Wow. She sang Whitney better than we've ever heard anyone sing Whitney on this show. Ever. I've heard it back a few times already, and I am just amazed. It's a favorite song and she did a great job.

Gina, I am just not feeling the rocker grrrl thing. I guess she's good? I don't know, I am not a fan. She doesn't have as good a voice as like Amy Lee from Evanescence to sing that kind of music. Still, it was good.

Melinda is so very good. She's a real musician and it shows. Best comment of the night: "you little tiger."

A says they should take all of the girls and four guys. I am afraid at least one of the black women will not make it through and they all deserve to.

A few mp3s for your enjoyment:

Whitney Houston, I Have Nothing.

Chaka Khan and Mary J. Blige, Sweet Thing (live duet from VH1 Divas).

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