Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tales of Derring-Do - A Rescues Drivers From Car Accident

A just got home from a night watching a UFC fight.

On the way home, he saw an suv driving erratically, so he passed them.

In his rearview mirror, he watched the suv list to one side, swerve across 3 lanes, and flip over:

"So I bust a U, and go back to see what is up.

The SUV is on its roof and there are two hysterical bloody drunk chicks inside. I try to get them to calm down and stop moving, but they won't and they are trying to get out.

The front part is to crushed so I kick out one of the back passenger windows and get them to crawl to me and help them out.

The next person on the scene called 911. I get them to sit on the curb and be still until the cops get there. The cops ask me what happened and I tell them, they say thanks and tell me I can go, so I do."

Surprising in Austin: the police didn't rough him up a bit on g.p.

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