Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Week That Was - All Prep, All the Time

SXSW started today. It's an extremely busy time in Austin, and the next 8 days can get a little crazy.

I try to avoid as much official stuff as I can. Because of my postition, I am not really going out looking for new people to represent. I check out bands people recommend to me and that personal recommendation is the deciding factor between someone whose work I will enjoy and someone for whom I will expend my time and energy.

This week has featured ots of work, lots of phone calls, a new project. We're in the home stretch on two projects and I am trying to figure when I will travel to close them.

I am still holding out hope that I will meet my deadline of next week for the big project, but we might just miss it. The project will still happen, but I would love to make the announcement when everyone is together.

I am not listening to much new this week.

I bought RJD2's The Third Hand. It's okay, not great. Not as ghastly as that terrible Pitchfork review. I will allow it to grow on me. I like a couple of the songs a lot, and we'll see what happens as I hear more.

I also bought Apostle of Hustle, The National Anthem of Nowhere. I have loved every track I had heard, so I had to get it.

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