Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Au Revoir!

I am in the midst of negotiating a bunch of deals and everyone is stressed out. Today, I had a great talk with one group, made significant progress with another, and probably talked my way out of working with the third.

Still, though I have poured my heart and soul into the third group for 8 or 9 months, I am comfortable walking away. We did not achieve our goal with them as of yet, so if they want to go in another direction, I am perfectly comfortable sending them on their way.

I sent my partner an email about the whole thing that said, in part:

"We can't control circumstances or people's expectations. All we can do is our best and hope for the best in return. It doesn't always happen, nor does it happen on the schedule we want, but that doesn't mean we haven't done everything right."

Randomly shuffled as I type:

Lil Scrappy, No Problem.
The Von Bondies, No Regrets.
The New Pornographers, Dreams (live Fleetwood Mac cover).
Modest Mouse, Float On.
RJD2, Just When.
Beyoncé, Irreplaceable.
The Detroit Cobras, Ninety and a Half Won't Do.
Two Tons of Steel, I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones cover).
Graham Coxon, Time for Heroes (The Libertines cover).
Todd Rundgren, Can We Still Be Friends.
EPMD, You Gots to Chill.
The Spinners, It's a Shame.
The Pharcyde and Jurassic 5, Hard Times.
Greyboy Allstars, Unwind Your Mind.
(If I weren't so tired, I might link to these, or at least the non-DRM ones.)

Yep, definitely feels like the right thing.

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