Friday, March 2, 2007

The Week That Was - A Valuable Lesson

I am tired of the "it was a stressful week" litany . . .so, this week, I am accentuating the positive.

My lesson of the week, month, year, relationship is that it's always better to tell the whole truth than try to protect your SO, friend, client, etc. from uncertainty.

Uncertainty is the bane of my existence. People come to me for answers and certainty, and sometimes, it's just not there.

Last night, T said "we're not children, we can handle it." And he was right.
(Thanks, guys, you really do rock.)

From here on, you all get the whole truth. Even if it drives you all as crazy as it drives me.

On the new music front, I am not that interested in the stuff floating around the blogs this week (Wilco? Really?) .

Except for Beirut and Feist.

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