Monday, March 19, 2007

The Promise of Monday (and D'Angelo)

When I worked at the label, the joke was always that you should never ever answer the phone on Monday. People had spent all weekend talking and dreaming and on, Monday, they would waste your time with their new plans and projects . . . plans that would never come to fruition, as they would figure out in the cold light of Tuesday.

I am sensitive to the promise of Monday. If you are an entrepreneur or just entrepreneurial, Monday is a day of dreams into action. I usually take Monday as a day to get everything together for the week and not as a day to start new projects.

I've been having this weird, blissful thing happening since the beginning of February. It's like, on the surface, everything is okay, under the surface is the roiling stress of dealing with my business partner who's ill and delayed on everything(!) and all of the problems that's causing, but my gooey center is completely blissed.

It's like every day is a Monday full of promise.

Since I often analogize the start of a new company to falling in love, perhaps it is appropriate that this song is playing as I write:

D'Angelo, Higher.

Because I am feeling incredibly generous today, here is a rare track from D'Angelo's Live at the Jazz Cafe, an import only cd you should buy on Amazon:

D'Angelo, Brown Sugar (Live at the Jazz Cafe, London).
Brown Sugar fun fact: as usual, it took A to explain the song to me. Hey, it sounded like a love song. About a person.

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