Friday, January 19, 2007

The Week That Was

It's been a crazy week around Ca'd'Musette:

  • Ice and snow shut down the city of Austin for three days and kept us house-bound and reflective.
  • Two huge proposals are demanding enormous amounts of my attention.
  • One of my best friends is going through a bad, bad break-up, so we have been seeing lots of him.
These are a few favorite new editions to my collection this week from the music sites:
  1. Yo No Sé, Los Amigos Invisibles. It's frothy disco, and it's impossible to frown when this is playing. (Originally heard on The Rich Girls Are Weeping.)
  2. Goodbye, The Postman. It's an interesting Indie Pop song - jaunty instrumentation, but the whispery vocal feels slightly behind the beat (though it isn't). It's a happy song, as long as you ignore the lyrics. I look forward to hearing it more and more. (Originally heard on: my notes say stereogum, but I cannot confirm.)
  3. Elephant Gun, Beirut. My current favorite song in my collection is still Postcards from Italy (a song which S also loves, proving I am not completely alone on this one). This one is growing on me quickly. (Originally heard on: Pitchfork)

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