Saturday, January 6, 2007

Music on Which I Have Slept - Amy Winehouse

Whenever anyone asks me what music I listen to, I always tell them "really crappy British music, with a preference for covers of crappy British music by crappy British artists." (It's a minor lie, but a reasonably cute one.)

Then they ask for examples and I end up telling them of my love of The Kooks and the Lily Allen cover thereof. Then they look at me like I am slightly insane . . . mostly because they've heard of neither. I think. Or it might be because I am.

So it's a shock I completely slept on Amy Winehouse.

Really, I blame Perez Hilton. Like the rest of America, I do not know why I keep him in my rss reader, but I do. I feel unclean every time I glance at his stuff, but I guess I find his Paris Hilton tongue baths amusing.

I know he wasn't first or probably even early, but his estatic embrace of Amy Winehouse meant I would absolutely skip it.

I was so very very wrong.

It's an amazing album and she has an amazing voice. It's very 60s Soul. (While I have been typing, I had a short playlist running in the background. I had searched something and it was playing in order. I did not even notice when it jumped from Winehouse to a Mary J Blige/Nina Simone collaboration.)

Best tracks:

Rehab is the killer track.
You Know That I'm No Good
Me and Mr. Jones

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