Friday, January 12, 2007

Recovering My Collection

I have been ripping and downloading a ton of music over the past month, in an attempt to recreate some of my lost collection after the final crash of my lemony MBP.

There are two categories of music I had not backed up on my old iBook or on A's MacBook:
-- Music from my brother's iPod at Thanksgiving (lots of !!!, Os Mutantes, 60s Reggae, and Detroit Rockabilly, if I remember correctly)
-- Acoustic covers from the Radio 1's Live Lounge

(All of my iTunes music was replaced by Apple [although I had all of it backed up on the MacBook]. Still, it was very nice of them, especially since they sold me a lemon and then tortured me for 10 days of delays waiting for the advance replacement.)

I have been able to recover all of the Live Lounge covers, but I have no way of replacing my brother's music. I meant to do it at Christmas, but we just never found the time.

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