Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Waste of a Conference Call

Tonight, I had a conference call with one of my business partners and his "godson," who wants to have a music career.

The GS is clueless, and knows he's clueless. That's usually half the battle, but the GS kept whining in frustration "I don't have time to figure this industry out!" The kid is in his mid-20s and should stop being such a baby. All I kept thinking is "Shut up ,you ungrateful twerp! I am not even getting paid for this!"

After 90 minutes, we disconnected and I called my partner to say "wtf." My partner agreed that the kid does not have what it takes. If he cannot give decisive answers when talking to us, he'll never be able to make it.

At this point, he's just chum.

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