Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Work Stuff

I've spent the past two days at two restaurants that share a parking lot. I haven't decided yet if that's actually lamer than it sounds. In my defense, it's in my neighborhood and they have excellent free (and secure) wireless access and plenty of outlets.

Last night, I met up with E and S after an event so we could strategize for today's big meeting with F. Except F ended up showing up a couple of hours in. We ended up sitting and talking and drinking for hours.

Then, we met for lunch at 1ish this afternoon. F was extremely late. Almost 2 hours late, I think. After all our substantive discussions, and a fine late lunch, we walked back over to Uncle Billy's for dinner. (Seriously, I love that place.)

I took no notes . . . mainly because I have absolutely no intention of negotiating the deal or actively participating in any discussions.

It feels as though everyone is on the same page. We are definitely all excited to move forward and we'll be making that decision soon.

It's hard to believe how quickly this year is passing. I remember disctinctly conversations I had in November as though they happened last week instead of 7 months ago.

I may have the masters next week, which means the bulk of my work will begin on that project. High stress, but it sounds really great.

At some point, I need a serious vacation: no work, no phone, no email, no talking. I just want to lay on a beach or wander aimlessly around France.

Today on the phone, I entertained a brief fantasy of running away from it all. It could never happen, but it was great to imagine that I would be able to just skedaddle. The place did not matter: anywhere with a beach and strong drinks.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day, but I know we're making progress and I am working with people I really enjoy.

Still, a beach beckons . . .

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