Thursday, May 10, 2007

Time and Time Again - New Business

I get a lot of unsolicited contacts from prospective clients. Normally, I am unresponsive and I rarely take on unsolicted business that's not referred to me.

Tonight, I needed a break from the film and fashion stuff, so I returned an unsolicited music call I got this morning.

I ended up having about an hour-long conversation with a rapper who wanted to know exactly what it is I do and how I could help him. I gave him a lot of information and told him how to do a lot of stuff himself. I also sent him to, of course. I have no idea whether I will work with him or not. (I'll know once I get his package and review my calendar.)

Honestly, that's the thing I love about music. It's like muscle memory. I was exhausted and burned out from a long, hard month. Somehow, just going through the basics and relaying some old anecdotes completely re-energized me.

I didn't have to really think . . . it's just all there.

It was a perfect break from today's irritations and frustrations.

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