Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"As a Blogger, You Suck"

The past three or four weeks have been a complete blur.

I have had clients in town, new projects to launch, and deals to close. It's all insane.

I just got home about 20 minutes ago (1 20 am) after an extremely long day that just kept getting longer and longer. It was great, though, and now, I am too wired to sleep.

I have not been listening to much music (the more I talk about music, the less time I have to listen). Last week, I listened to 30 songs. 30!

All day, I have had one song going through my head:

Big Boi ft Purple Ribbon Allstars, Kryptonite.

This has been a favorite song for a while. It's a great club song -- incredibly catchy. As I drove from meeting to meeting, or walked from parking garage to wherever, Kryptonite kept playing in my head, over and over.

Listen: Big Boi ft Purple Ribbon Allstars, Kryptonite.

Buy: Big Boi Presents ... Got Purp?, Vol. 2.

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