Friday, April 13, 2007

The Week That Was - A Bad Week and a Zombie-pocalypse

I am ill. I've been ill since Tuesday, so I've spent the week on the sofa and in bed.

Right now, we're in bed watching Shaun of the Dead, which is one of our favorites. A is a connoisseur of zombie movies. He has "seen all the ones worth seeing and some not worth seeing." He is describing Night of the Living Dead and freaking me out. (He just noticed I was typing: "You can have vampires and still get by, but not zombies. You don't often get to use the word inexorable, but ...")

I have been listening to demos this week. I was asked to provide "
an honest opinion"
of a business associate's artist. That's always a dodgy proposition. How honest? I gave a bit of criticism about one of the tracks, but overall, it is a good project with a great song. As I was walking around tonight (well, from the sofa to the kitchen to the bed), I realized I had it going through my head after only a handful of listenings.

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