Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"what good is a blog if you dont write"

Excellent question, M. Thanks for the reminder that posting has been a little sparse of late.

The past few weeks have been crazier than usual as I near the finish line on a bunch of projects.

In a few minutes, I am dashing downtown to meet with my partners on a big project we've been talking about for 6 months. Everyone flew in at the last minute for us to knock out some mission business and reconfirm the foundation as we move forward. I am extremely anxious about the meeting, though the fact that they are here shows a strong level of commitment.

I also have some projects lined up to fall under the big project. If we can pull it off, which I believe we can, we will do something really special.

My nerves are getting to me a bit. It's a good sign actually . . . adrenalin pumping, focus sharpened, etc.

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