Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bloggy Music That Leaves Me Cold - Polyphonic Spree, Wilco

I read a bunch of different blogs, and through them I have found amazing new music. There are times, however, that I am left shaking my head wondering how my taste could so sharply differ from the obvious norm. I am definitely open to reconsidering, but for now, this is the praised music that leaves me cold.

I do not get The Polyphonic Spree and I am okay with that. I've seen them perform and I wanted to kill myself. Usually, I can find something positive in even the most sucktastic show, but I just cannot handle them. It's so artificial and grating -- like forced joy instead of actual joy. Still, gorilla vs bear sings their praises.

Wilco is okay, but it's not the greatest thing ever. Shameless Complacency has a huge post with a bunch of b-side mp3s. I have yet to hear a single song that convinces me they are better than okay.

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