Thursday, April 5, 2007

Blog Round-Up -- RIAA (and Nine Inch Nails), Satellite Party, John Vanderslice, 50 Cent vs Cam'ron, Prince, U2

Consumerist has a great post about the RIAA's cease and desist letters to shut down the viral marketing campaign for Nine Inch Nails' new album. The best quote: "These f*cking idiots are going after a campaign that the label signed off on," the source says.

arjanwriteshas a download of "Wishing Upon a Dog Star" and a link to the epk for Perry Farrell's new project Satellite Party. The project sounds very intriguing.

Status Ain't Hood has a list of the top 10 singles for 2007.

Gorilla vs Bear links to an episode of The Merlin Show I have been meaning to link to for a while and provides a transcript. Merlin Mann interviews John Vanderslice about the future of music.

Some Bootlegs has two French concerts: Prince from 1981 and U2 from 1987.

Radar has an amusing feature about "E-Beefs" . . . rappers using the net to wage wack beefs with each other. "Nas vs Jay-Z" they are not.

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