Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Austin Buzz - Peel (The Band) - Now Buzzier

On February 8th, I noticed that Austin band Peel was featured on Idolator, with mp3s of "In the City" and "Oxford."

Yesterday, Peel was featured on gorilla vs bear, with an enthusiastic write-up and mp3s of "In the City" and "Oxford," along with a radio version of Oxford.

Today, Peel got another blog on the bandwagon, Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good.

Of course, they had already been getting plenty of Austin love on Austinist since 2005 and on Austin Sound.

The only thing awaiting them is meta-coverage about the the blog coverage.

Like this.

Congratulations, Peel. You're officially buzzy.

Peel plays the Beauty Bar on Thursday.

Buy their debut album from the band here on their website.

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